"Aphra has attended a number of Dreamas classes and I felt she benefitted in a number of ways from this very positive experience.

"Her confidence was boosted enormously through the opportunity of performing on stage. I felt her individual strengths were catered for, and she had the chance to develop her skills in different ways. For example, she was able to contribute imaginative ideas, learn about the process of developing a character, and the different skills needed to put on a play.

"Aphra also benefitted socially from the classes. She had to learn to work in a group situation, to listen to others and value other people's contributions. She has made new friends of different ages and from different schools. Because the group is quite small, the children benefit from individual attention, and also learn to support their peers. The children learn to work collaboratively, and each child develops at their own pace.

"Dreamas suited Aphra, because the emphasis is on positive encouragement, valuing the child's contribution to the process of putting on a play and working with each child's unique strengths. There is also a strong focus on developing children's imagination which I feel is the secret to the success of these classes."
Mandy de Lotbiniere (Chartered Senior Educational Psychologist)

Emma’s Dreamas productions are quite magical; my daughter has had a lot of experience of different acting teachers and schools in London over the years and honestly very few match Dreamas for imagination and colour and energy and a delightful originality: Emma works with the children to tailor-make their parts, giving them an all-round, confidence-inspiring experience of writing, producing and acting. I wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone with children.
Ashley Horsley (BA, Psychology; MA & Post MA Dip., Counselling Psychology)

My son, Eli, attended Emma's drama classes for several years. One of the things that he and his friends most loved about them was the way in which they could invent their own characters. Emma would then write the play around their choices, weaving in the fine details of these remarkable characters. Eli learnt a lot about how to speak his lines, thinking about the intention behind what he was saying and to project his voice well. I recommend these classes as a great way to build confidence in your children and to offer them the chance to creatively express themselves with the guidance of a great teacher.
Alshamsha Heath (BA English & Classics, MA Psychology)

This is my son's second year with Dreamas. I really can't recommend these drama sessions enough.The children not only have fun, they actually learn about acting. They get the chance to explore a character in depth and they find out that there is more to acting than just saying ones lines. The way Emma writes a play around the children's ideas is very impressive and the overall structure of the course is great. The big performance right at the end is of course very exciting and not just for the kids - memories for life!
Rikke Liljenberg (Voice Coach)

I like it because I get to play interesting characters and I love the drama games we do. It's way better than what we do at school where it's just about learning ones lines.
August (aged 10)

My child has absolutely loved coming to the Dreamas classes from the first session right up to the performance at the end. I was looking for something fairly small and confidence building for my daughter, that was not school based, and this has been such a positive experience for her. She loved meeting new children, and being able to choose her own character which helped form the play. Feeling part of the process of the play was very exciting and really boosted her self esteem. Emma is a fantastic teacher; sensitive to the personalities and abilities of each child, and has done a fantastic job of creating a quirky and fun play - I have already booked my daughter and a friend into the next one.
Jess Dunn (Speech Therapist)

I think this is an amazing drama class and Emma always makes up exciting and funny plays. Everyone enjoys them; whether you are in the play or watching it. She is very kind and generous; she encourages everybody to contribute.
Ellie (aged 9)

Dear Emma, having put both Holden and Hope into your classes now for two years, I wanted to thank you so much for giving them such a good time, but more importantly for injecting them with the confidence to stand up in front of an audience and, with pleasure, act out any part they've been demanded of. A gift I wish I had! Whatever job they have, it will surely set them in good stead. I think that every child should have this and therefore should do your class! Wishing you all the very best for the future.
Rebecca Lyndon-Stanford (Bsc Psycholgy)

I really like the way Emma lets us chose what characters we want to be and lets us have more control over what we do in the play. It has made all of us much more involved and interested to do it. I think that we did a better job because she wrote the play just for us. I think Emma is a really good teacher because she does lots of drama exercises and doesn't make us rehearse the play the whole time. Also, we get to share the profits from everyone coming to the play so we feel like real actors.
Holden Jones (aged 11)

It's really nice because instead of just being given a part, you can choose your own part. All the plays are really creative because Emma makes them so exciting - they're not just plays that's already been created, they're like really good stories. She doesn't make it boring. It's like it's really fun and not like being in a class at all.
Hope Jones (aged 8)

From the 2008 production, Atomic SplitDreamas Drama

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