As always, the children have created their own characters which makes for a rather complicated plot!

The play opens with Midnight the kitten establishing her relationship with the Shape-shifter, Sybilene.

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Sybilene is the gateway to Horus’s kingdom, and only Midnight can talk directly to her.

The good King Horus and his arch-enemy, the demon Lord Sadusa, enter and fight.

Sadusa is left wounded, but his blind slave and fire demon, Ralbok helps him up. We then hear their plan to capture King Horus’s teddy bear mascot, Ewarka. We also note Sadusa’s extreme fear of mice.

King Horus, his priest Jaruba and their mascot Ewarka enter. They plan an adventure and leave.

Sybilene, the Shape-shifter comes up with a long-term plan to protect the kingdom. She dances to get her shape-shifting powers up.

Horus and Jaruba have lost Ewarka, the kingdom’s precious mascot. Jaruba is very worried and advises Horus. They fear the demon sorcerer Sadusa has captured him.

They cannot communicate directly with Sybilene, and are delighted when the ninja Brindar turns up. They can use his skill as a swordsman to get Ewarka back. They explain carefully to him who he must save and bring back to them.

Midnight is insulted that they feel they needed Brindar, instead of Sybilene and herself. Sybilene explains Midnight’s part of the plan to her. As usual she doesn’t tell her everything… Sadusa, Ralbok and Ewarka arrive. Sadusa knows they can enter the Kingdom now they have the mascot Ewarka.

Sybilene, who was expecting this, changes Sadusa into a social climbing ‘princess’, Mimosa.

The blind Ralbok is confused by the changes in his Lord Sadusa’s voice and attitude. He smells like his Lord, so decides this is part of the plan to destroy King Horus. Mimosa, meanwhile accepts Ralbok as her slave as he has protected her from the ‘vicious’ teddy bear, Ewarka. She is then delighted to hear there is a King she could potentially marry. They go to find him, hiding Ewarka.

Brindar enters and spots Midnight who is trying to carry out Sybilene’s instructions. He mistakes her for Ewarka, and carries her off. Horus and Jaruba enter, preoccupied. Mimosa and Ralbok turn up. Mimosa tries to seduce Horus, while Ralbok is impatient to kill him. Brindar arrives with Midnight. Confusion. Brindar leaves embarrassed. Eventually Midnight manages to explain who Mimosa is.

Horus and Jaruba are depressed without Ewarka, and though Mimosa can’t fight at all, Ralbok defeats them single-handedly with his fire lashes. Sybilene knows Brindar is needed. She persuades the irritated Midnight to get him.

Brindar disarms Ralbok, but Horus is still too miserable to do anything. Sybilene puts her original plan into action.Ralbok is tested to see if he has any good in him. Sybilene gives him his eyesight. He does not keep his word and is mortified on seeing his ‘Master’.

Sybilene turns Ralbok into a mouse as a punishment, knowing that this will also be a yummy treat for Midnight. Mimosa sees the mouse and dies of fright. Midnight eats the mouse.

Ewarka has managed to make a knife, cut his binds and find his way back to his King. He frees King Horus and Jaruba.

Horus finally praises his Shape-shifter and her kitten, Midnight.